Movie Review - Room (2015)

Room is one of the most emotional and heartwarming films to come out this year. Director Lenny Abrahamson along with actress Brie Larson and newcomer Jacob Tremblay knock it out of the park with what is without a doubt one of the best films of the year. The story is told from the perspective of Jack (Jacob Tremblay), his mother (Brie Larson) and him live in a very small place that they call room. This is the only place Jack has known his whole life, he's never been able to see the outside world. As he turns five years old Jack's mother decides it's time for them to get out of their current situation. She hatches up a plan to get them out of room and once they do Jack finally gets to witness what the outside world has to offer.

Let me just say that going in to this film I really had no idea what it was about. All the descriptions and synopsis' I read didn't leave much to the imagination, but that is how this film should be viewed. Going in without much knowledge leaves a little bit of mystery as to what's actually going on with our two protagonists and it makes things that much more gut wrenching once you find out what's truly happening. It's not that far into the story that you find out what's actually going on but the moment it hits you is when you start to really feel for these characters and want them to get out of the situation they're in.

While the pacing is a little slow and it takes about fifteen to twenty minutes for the film to really get going there isn't much I could say bad about Room. A lot of that has to do with the direction of Lenny Abrahamson who paints a beautiful picture from behind the camera. In front of the camera Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay give two of the best performances of the year and are what make this film really shine. Jacob Tremblay is an astounding actor for his age. He's able to show so much range that he's convinced me that he has more range than some of the more veteran actors out there. As for Brie Larson, she really deserves all of the praise she's already gotten for this performance. After seeing her in the indie film Short Term 12 from a few years ago I thought she was due for a breakout role and I really hope this is it for her. If it were up to me the Oscar this year would have her name on it.

There really isn't much else I can say here besides the fact that this is an incredible film with brilliant performances, great direction and a story that will having you crying both tears of sadness and joy throughout. Once this hits a theater near you do yourself a favor on put this on your must see list because this is one gem that should not be overlooked.

Rating: 9.5/10