Ghosted | Review

 2023. PG-13. 116 mins. Directed by Dexter Fletcher

Ghosted follows Cole (Chris Evans) as he meets Sadie (Ana de Armas) and they have a great first date. Cole instantly falls in love with her and thinks that she could be the one. After their date together he keeps texting her to try and set something else up, but she doesn't respond for days. Thinking all hope is lost and that she doesn't want to see him again he remembers that he left his inhaler, which has a tracker on it, in her purse. That gives him the incentive to track her down in London only to find out that Sadie is a secret agent and the both of them get swept up in an international adventure to save the world. 

This is the perfect example of a movie that, on paper, sounds like a good idea but is terribly executed and makes for a less than entertaining time. There is also the feeling of a studio taking two popular actors and putting them in the laziest constructed movie for a quick cash grab. No matter how you look at it, Ghosted is a huge swing and a miss. From a lazy script to choppy action sequences and two actors that have no chemistry together, there really isn't much to enjoy here.

For almost two hours, Ghosted moves rather slowly for what's supposed to be an action movie mixed with a rom-com. There is just so much wasted potential and it's a shame because of who is involved. Chris Evans and Ana de Armas both at least try to do something with the material they're given but unfortunately, it is not enough to save this from being nothing more than a waste of time. No number of random cameos that serve no purpose other than to make audiences go, "Oh hey look, it's that guy from that thing!" do anything to add any value or entertainment here either.

Ultimately, Ghosted feels like a two hour TV movie with a higher budget that still somehow looks like it was made for TV. Chris Evans and Ana de Armas are both charming in their own right but don't work well enough to make the story or their relationship engaging. Add in terrible action sequences, unfunny situations and a story line that will make you roll your eyes every ten minutes and you've got a very skippable movie.

Rating: 3/10